Proper nutrition and weight management are key factors in maintaining good health. It is extremely important for people of all ages to eat a healthy diet that meets their nutritional needs and does not contribute to excessive weight gain. However, eating healthy and controlling weight is not always easy to do, particularly for people with disabilities.

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Yes U Can Corporation and Dept. of Behavioral Health and Nutrition, University of Delaware.

Workshop #1:
MyPlate: Get Rolling on the Path to Healthy Eating
Learn how to incorporate good food choices in everyday life and how to access eating tips online.

Workshop #2:
Got Portion Distortion? What is a proper serving size today? It can be confusing, especially when faced with additional challenges. What portion is good for you, may be different for another person.

Workshop #3:
Quick and Healthy Food Choices
Explore simple ways to increase your overall health through food. Learn easily prepared recipes and how you can benefit from reading food labels.

Workshops held at:
Easter Seals
61 Corporate Circle, New Castle DE 19720-2439